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Dustin Palmer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) and Advanced Reiki Practitioner serving the Detroit Metro area.  


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Autumn and Everything After

Dustin Dreese

I absolutely, unequivocally love Autumn -- always have and always will.  When I was a child, my father would take me camping in the Fall.  It was on those trips that I became aware of the season's magic.  The smell of earth is unlike any other time of year.  Electricity in the atmosphere becomes stronger and more palpable.  Clothing becomes more comforting.  I rediscover the contentment of home and the pleasures of tradition.  The Fall season has always made me feel closer to nature, to family, and to my own spirit.

Autumn has also traditionally been a time of distinct shifts and awareness for me.  Like a marker that comes around, reminding me that life is change and attachments are illusion.  I was married in Autumn.  My marriage also fell apart in Autumn (6 years later).  I changed careers in Autumn.  I started dating my wonderful boyfriend, Erik, at the beginning of last Autumn.  This year, we are planning on moving into a new home and continuing to build a life together.  So... the trend continues.

Erik (right) and I on a recent trip to visit my Father and Grandparents in Pennsylvania

Erik (right) and I on a recent trip to visit my Father and Grandparents in Pennsylvania

The thing is, having awareness, being present, and being anchored while in the midst of change is hard.  Like... really freaking hard.  Especially when the transitions have elements of pain or uncertainty.  I know this to be true in my own life, and I know this to be true in the lives of my friends.  So I feel comfortable assuming that the same truth exists in the lives of those reading this post.  

Lately I have been thinking about my clients and how their lives might also be in flux.  I think about the people who cross my massage table and the shifts they are experiencing in the outside world.  As a Massage Therapist, I don't just provide therapies for the body, I provide an environment in which people become vulnerable.  Obviously, everyone has different comfort levels regarding how vulnerable they are willing to let themselves be; but regardless, my sessions provide a few sacred moments during which my clients have the opportunity to truly let go of life, reconnect with their bodies and minds, and heal.

I am thankful for Autumn and the change it has brought about in my life -- even the hard parts,  because where I am now and the life I live is a direct result of change.  And change inspires growth.  I am truly the sum of my parts, and it's a neat experience to reflect on my own personal growth and truly appreciate the process.  I want my current clients, my future clients, and really anyone who is reading this post to know a little more about how I look at life.  I want people to come to my table with the desire to heal, to be present, and to be at peace with where they are --  to give themselves permission to just be, if only for an hour.