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If you wish, you may also call me at 248-631-4728.  Please leave a detailed message and return contact information and I will return your call within 24 hours.

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1821 N Campbell Rd
Royal Oak, MI, 48073


Dustin Palmer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) and Advanced Reiki Practitioner serving the Detroit Metro area.  


Massage and energy work delivered with balanced intent

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Practice Policies

These policies guide my practice and client/practitioner relationship.  Please familiarize yourself with this section.  You will be provided a printed copy of these during your first visit to my office.

The mission of Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage is to assist individuals on their journey toward healing and wellness and insures the preservation of integrity for both the client and therapist. Within the context of this mission and to protect the integrity and safety of both the client and the therapist, Dustin Palmer insists upon the absence of any sexual innuendo, either articulated or implied. Violation of this policy will result in an immediate holt to the treatment and a dismissal of the client at his/her full monetary expense.

Cancellation and re-scheduling

In consideration of my clients and myself, you must give a 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment prior to the appointment time. If change in the appointment time is not appropriately given, the client may be charged the full fee. No-shows will be treated as cancellation without notice and the full fee will be charged. 2 no-shows will disqualify the client for future bookings and/or referrals. Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage will begin all massage sessions on time. If the therapist is late, the session will be discounted according to the time missed. I understand that if I arrive late for my appointment, the remaining time of the appointment will be utilized to provide the best massage/bodywork possible and the full fee will be charged. 

What to expect

  • Massage therapy involves the use of touch, and may include the use of oils, lotions, or creams. Coming to your massage therapy session with a clean body is imperative for the health and safety of both the client and massage therapist. Personal hygiene is mutually respected on both the part of the client and the massage therapist. Should either part fail to uphold their hygiene responsibilities, services for that session will be postponed. 
  • I understand that a single massage session or massage on a random basis is limited to providing general, nonspecific benefits. If I choose to use massage on regular basis, I will participate in a detailed history and assessment process, working with the massage therapist to determine the most effective treatment plan to help me achieve my goals. I understand that re-assessment may be needed to ultimately achieve my goals. 
  • Alcohol/drugs and massage DO NOT MIX. Massage therapist and client both will refrain from alcohol and/or drug use for at least 12 hours prior to the massage session. If you are taking or have taken prescription drugs for pain management or anti-inflammatory purposes in the past 12 hours, please notify the massage therapist prior to the sessions beginning for re-scheduling. 
  • Clients may undress to their comfort level. Removal of bra is optional for female clients. All clients will be covered and draped with clean linens at all times. Only the area being worked on will be undraped. 
  • Clients 18 years or younger must be accompanied by and have the consent of a parent or guardian. Any client can request a friend or relative to accompany them in the massage session if this will help the client feel more comfortable; and provided the person accompanying does not disrupt the session or behave in any inappropriate manner. 
  • Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage is a professional massage therapy practice, and as such, follows a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality of our clients and sessions will be honored with one noted exception: Any revealed illegal activity or questionable activity involving minors, as required by law. 
  • Fees are required at the time of service. Gratuities not included in the price of service and are not expected. Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage reserves the right to raise fees; however, a 2 month notice will be given.

RELEASE: By signing this release and consent, I affirm that I have stated all known medical conditions and agree to keep the therapist updated on my medical profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the therapists part, or on the part of Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage, LLC if I fail to do so. I understand that a physician note will be necessary before beginning massage therapy treatment if I present with high risk complications.  I also grant permission to Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage LLC to audio record sessions.  

Massage therapy in general can provide the benefits of enhanced relaxation, stress reduction, reduced pain from muscular tension and spasm, improved circulation and increased range of motion.  You understand that massage therapists are not licensed to practice medicine and therefore do not diagnose illness or disease; perform spinal manipulations; or prescribe medical treatments.  You are aware that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, medication or diagnosis for any health condition you may have. It is recommended that you pursue appropriate health management for conditions you may have. 

General benefits of massage, as well as any cautions or contraindications have been explained to me. Due to certain contraindications and cautions for massage, the practitioner must be made aware of existing physical and mental conditions. You must inform the massage therapist of all known physical and medical conditions, and medications.  You understand that it is your responsibility to keep the massage therapist updated on any changes in your health status and agree to do so each time you receive massage. 

Treatment of a Minor

If the client seeking treatment is a minor under the age of 18 years of age, the signatures of both the minor client and parent/legal guardian are required in order to grant permission for the practitioner to preform treatment.  By signing the treatment of a minor form, you give consent for your minor child to receive treatment from Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage LLC.  You acknowledge that you are financially responsible for the minor and that you must schedule all appointments on their behalf.