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Dustin Palmer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) and Advanced Reiki Practitioner serving the Detroit Metro area.  


Massage and energy work delivered with balanced intent

IAFM: Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization

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IAFM: Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization

Dustin Dreese

Using Myofascial Release techniques in my sessions has always yielded favorable results for clients.  Whether it's an athlete struggling with range of motion issues, someone recovering from injury, or someone with acute or chronic pain associated with daily repetitive motions, typically working with the fascial layers is a great way to provide relief and help improve everyday living activities.

A few months ago I was receiving bodywork from a peer that I regularly trade with who was working to release the hypertonicity of my forearms.  During the session he brought out an instrument that looked a little intimidating, but assured me that it would only be mildly uncomfortable and would help a great deal.

IAFM, he explained, was a technique for working with the superficial and deep fascia of the body to release muscle adhesions and improve range of motion.  The instrument was a metal tool with a variety of convex and concave beveled edges.  Each curve had varying widths to allow for use with different muscle groups.  

I laid there as he work the extensor muscles of my forearm with the instrument in about three inch sections.  The sensation was extremely manageable and actually felt good in most areas. When I left that session I was delighted by how much release was achieved and how much better I felt.

I, of course, ordered my own instrument shortly thereafter and began studying the different ways to incorporate its use in sessions with my own clients.  Since then, I have used the instrument with clients experiencing patellar disfunction with knee pain, low pack pain, and shoulder ROM restrictions;  All with fantastic results.

It's hard not to be excited about all the different ways I can use this tool to benefit my clients.  If you are interested in learning more about IAFM, just ask during your next session and we can discuss if it's the right course of action to help you achieve your goals.